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Asia’s Largest Marketing Tech Platform, Netcore Cloud, Provides Intelligent Full-Stack Solutions to Revolutionise Customer Experience, Announces Long-Term Partnership with Photobook Worldwide

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  • From Customer Engagement & Experience, Personalization and Product Experience to Email API and Journey Orchestration, Netcore Cloud’s suite of products help pave the way for global businesses to scale effectively
  • Netcore Cloud’s partnership with Photobook Worldwide will enable the brand to utilise the former’s full stack of martech solutions

While the advancement of technology has fast-tracked the outreach process, brands today are faced with a myriad of challenges in devoting resources and deliberating strategies to effectively reach their target audience. As the first artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) powered marketing automation and customer engagement platform, Netcore Cloud aims to bring more than 20 years of expertise to help Malaysian and regional businesses to tackle these modern marketing challenges.

Netcore Cloud Partners with Photobook Worldwide to Deploy Full Martech Stack

Recently, Netcore Cloud onboarded Photobook, Asia’s largest e-commerce provider for photo albums, personalised home decor, and other premium range of customised gifts, for global markets and multi-year contracts. This agreement will provide Photobook with Netcore Cloud’s full stack of martech solutions — Consumer Engagement, Email, Product Experience, Personalisation and Customer Data Platform. Through this partnership, Photobook will be able to tap into Netcore Cloud’s capabilities to personalise its users’ brand journey, which has seen a rising significantly over the past years.

“As a leading photo product and personalisation company, we comprehend the significance of personalising every aspect of the consumer journey. Since the pandemic, we have witnessed the effectiveness of personalisation as it demonstrates brand empathy and understanding, especially during such turbulent times. Through this partnership with Netcore Cloud, our customers from over 100 countries can expect experiences that are uniquely relevant,” said Leow Wee Jonn, CEO of Photobook Worldwide.

With its most recent partnerships with Photobook and Airasia, Netcore Cloud has found great success in Southeast Asia and aims to make more waves with its strong presence in the region by incorporating scalability, security, and reliability in its offerings. Today, 50% of email traffic in Asia is managed by Netcore Cloud and its services are trusted by over 75% of Asia’s unicorns. The company also sends over 15 billion emails a month and empowers more than 5,000 brands to elevate their customer experience through their email delivery, AI/ML-powered marketing automation and a customer engagement platform.

Championing Martech Excellence to An Intelligent Unified Approach

The increasing demand for real-time understanding of customers’ needs and wants have brought rise to the importance of personalisation in marketing. Perceived as the future of marketing and customer experience, hyper-personalisation will assist brands in adapting to this shift in consumer behaviour and address them almost instantaneously through automated processes such as nudges, advertisement and product suggestions.

Brands that leverage Netcore Cloud’s full stack of solutions will be able to streamline their marketing technology components into one unified AI-powered platform. This will enable a full overview of a brand’s digital marketing metrics, while also promising higher business impact through inbox placements, customer insights and conversion rates, among many other benefits. Simultaneously, consumers will be able to engage in meaningful exchanges with their favourite brands, which includes easier access to relevant products and campaigns, meaningful app walkthroughs, and personalized experiences that feel like friendly suggestions.

A globally-recognised SaaS company bringing the best of both Martech and Communications-Platform-as-a-Service (CPaaS), Netcore Cloud has successfully enabled brands to deliver contextual, personalised and delightful customer experiences. With multiple products and services, Netcore Cloud’s proprietary solutions can be leveraged by brands across multiple industries — e-commerce and retail, media and entertainment, travel and hospitality, finance and tech, edtech and food tech.

“Being a leader in the martech industry is always an exciting journey as we never know what is really coming next in terms of trends and challenges. But what’s certain is that understanding the consumers and tailoring their digital experience will always be a great place to start when it comes to helping our partners in solving their business challenges,” said Abithab Bhaskar, Chief Executive Officer -International Business at Netcore Cloud.

He adds that: “The outset of the COVID-19 pandemic, which took the world by surprise, had turned the marketing industry on its head. Subsequently, it has forced brands to innovate and adopt the latest digital technologies in order to thrive during economic turbulence and capitalise on the opportunity.”

Some notable brands in Malaysia that benefit from Netcore Cloud are Fave, TNG Digital, PizzaHut Malaysia, McDonald’s Malaysia, Celcom, Star Media Group, Standard Chartered Bank and BonusLink.

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