JOJO Pet, New Pet Taxi In Town Invites Investor To Join Their Journey of Accelerated Growth

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JOJO Pet introduces a brand-new pet taxi service in Malaysia and is extending an invitation to investors who are interested to grow the pet-tech business. 

“The pet industry has a huge potential for growth with over one-third of the country being pet owners,” explains Seow Kim Chin (KC), the founder of JOJO Pet. 

While there are other pet taxi services available in Malaysia, KC finds that these services have not resolved the pain points of the market, especially when it comes to experienced pet transportation services. He explains that most pet taxi services will have their drivers meet the pet first before deciding whether to transport the pet, and this time-consuming process creates a major inconvenience to the pet owners.

JOJO Pet ensures that all transports are well-equipped with the necessary safety equipment JOJO Pet ensures that all transportation used is well-equipped for a safe and comfortable journey

With JOJO Pet’s Pet Taxi application, the pet owner will only need to make a few taps on the phone and a driver will pick up the pet within an allocated time. JOJO Pet also ensures that all transport used to transport the pet are well-equipped with the necessary safety equipment such as pet seatbelt, safety net, seat covers with top-notch hygiene for a safe and comfortable journey towards the dedicated destination. What’s more, pet owners will not need to make additional phone calls to make appointments as its mobile application will have it arranged in tandem. 

“Our drivers will undergo stringent inspection and training before they are allowed to transport pets,” says KC. “The first criteria that they need to meet is that they are responsible pet owners themselves. This is to assure our customers that the drivers will know how to handle pets especially when the paw-rents are not physically able to be there with the pets.”

A dashboard camera, as well as a pet camera, will be installed in every vehicle for assurance and safety.

Constant Enhancing of Mobile Application

The JOJO Pet team took ten months to develop the technology behind its pet taxi services. The team collected feedback during different stages of development, making improvements and bug fixing to provide a seamless experience for its customers. 

“Our team is constantly researching and developing the application so that every customer’s journey is pleasant for both the pet and the pet owner,” states KC. “While we are excited about the launch, we must make sure we uphold our promise to both the investors and consumers on our app quality and seamless journey,” he adds. 

Opening Additional Revenue Channel for Pet Businesses

KC also extends an invitation to all pet business owners in Malaysia to join JOJO Pet’s Pet Taxi mobile application as a merchant. This, KC believes, will open up an additional revenue channel for these businesses with its all-around pet-tech ecosystem. 

“We have contacted at least 200 pet grooming businesses in Klang Valley alone, and the numbers are still growing. For them to sustain their businesses, they may need to complete at least 2 to 5 appointments per day. This figure does not include other pet services like pet clinics, training centres, hotels and even pet supplies shops,” KC states. “With our pet taxi mobile application, they can expand their market reach beyond their locality which will also encourage their revenue growth in the long run if they sign up as our merchant,” he further explains. With strong and strategic partnerships, KC believes they can further penetrate the market and reap the benefits together. 

KC, the founder of JOJO Pet and his dog, Jojo

More than just a pet taxi service

JOJO Pet has a great vision for its mobile application. The mobile application will not be contented with just providing pet taxi services.

“JOJO Pet Taxi’s mobile application app is currently gaining traction among pet lovers and the number of bookings is increasing day by day. Hence, we would like to extend an invitation to pet business owners to take this opportunity to join our platform and leverage the popularity of our app to increase their business revenue,” says KC excitedly. “At the same time, we also want to bring pet lovers together and build it as a strong community where they can interact and support each other in their journeys as paw-rents. This will happen in our phase 3 updates where we will introduce dedicated pet social platforms for both pet lovers and their pets.”

KC also has a mission to grow JOJO Pet into a global brand where it provides millions of pet trips daily around the world. 

“This is our ultimate goal: to support the pet industry on a global scale where every pet lover on earth can enjoy a seamless journey whenever and wherever they are with comfort and convenience.”

KC with his team

For more information about JOJO Pet you can check out their website here.

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