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6 SaaS Startups That Are Redefining The Talent Solution Landscape.

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Software as a Service (SaaS) has quickly become one of the most dominant technology trends of our time. It is now used by companies and organizations in every industry and for all types of needs.

The benefits of SaaS are quite obvious: it’s affordable, scalable, and virtually maintenance-free. The software is hosted on the company’s own servers, so it doesn’t require any additional hardware or software to be installed on the customer’s computer or network. It also means that there are no upfront costs for implementation or upgrades and minimal ongoing expenses for hosting.

It has been a major factor in the growth of cloud computing over the past decade, with many companies opting to use cloud-based SaaS applications instead of buying their own hardware.

In the past, talent acquisition & workforce management was a time-consuming, expensive and resource-intensive process. But with the help of cloud-based software solutions, it has become easier to find & hire & manage top talent.

Cloud-based solutions have changed the way companies hire talent & manage the workforce. They can now save money by cutting down on recruitment agency fees and still find quality candidates through an automated matching process.

Here are some of the SaaS Startups that are redefining the talent solution landscape

Liberwin – Democratizing Work


Liberwin is a 3 in 1 Future-of-Work platform for Enterprises to holistically address talent discovery and agility problems. Internal Talent Marketplace – Liberwin is a SaaS platform for enterprises to digitize work and dynamically discover skilled internal talent on-demand to engage employees for internal opportunities.

Freelance Gigwork Marketplace – Liberwin is a Gigwork Marketplace for businesses to discover and engage the best matching external or freelance talent on-demand available globally. Skill Assessment as a service – Liberwin is a Skill Assessment platform helping enterprises and recruitment agencies to screen talent using Skill scores and Work Worthiness Index, drastically improving talent sourcing and assessment speed.

SCIKEY – Digital platform for Jobs, Work & Talent Solutions


SCIKEY is a Digital platform for Jobs, Work & Talent Solutions. SCIKEY’s vision is to create jobs & work opportunities for billion minds. SCIKEY’s mission is to help employers worldwide get access to quality talent and talent solutions in a click. 

‘SCIKEY Assured,’ a premium managed services offering by SCIKEY, delivers the best outcomes to enterprise customers globally for talent solutions getting delivered offshore, remotely, or on-premise. SCIKEY is super-proud to be working with some of the world’s most iconic Fortune 1000 brands. 

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TurboHire – ATS & Talent Intelligent Recruitment Software


TurboHire is an end-to-end Recruitment Automation platform that is easy to use and provides configurable solutions enabling recruiters to streamline their hiring process. Based on user input, we have been able to improve the quality of hire of our customers by 5x. Powered by Augmented Intelligence, TurboHire empowers its users with 50+ features such as Resume Parsing, Candidate Ranking, Chatbot Assessments, Finding Similar Candidates, Automated Job Recommendations, and so on.

Testlify – Talent Assessment Platform


Testlify a talent assessment platform helping companies hire the best talent quickly, easily, accurately, and affordably. Recruiting at scale is complex, time-consuming, and risky. Take the stress out of finding the best candidates with deep analysis that’s accurate, automated, and unbiased.

PyjamaHR – Hire The Best Talent With AI-powered ATS Solutions


PyjamaHR is an application tracking system (ATS) & a recruiting software. It transforms your recruitment process by reducing the effort & time taken for each task in the hiring lifecycle. PyjamaHR is transforming recruitment (Talent Acquisition, Human Capital Management, Talent Management) with next-gen HR technology developed by analyzing pain points faced by HR and recruitment teams. You can track applications, communicate with teams and candidates, create workflows, hire/reject applications, give candidate feedback, etc.

Supersourcing – IT Outsourcing Marketplace For Hiring Remote Engineers


Supersourcing is built both for early-stage startups and enterprises looking for high-quality remote engineers to work on their projects. Their proprietary process identifies a client’s requirement and expertise level to recommend solutions tailor-made to your objective. Supersourcing leverages cutting-edge technology and a global network to turn the century-old paradigm upside-down.

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