6 Advanced Tactics To Promote Events with Social Media

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The following six tactics will give you the information you need to promote your event on social media successfully.

A YouTube video by Julius Solaris, founder of Boldpush, inspire this article.

According to event professionals, the top four social networks for event promotion are Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram.

So, how do you keep your marketing campaign fresh? And as the best chance of reaching the billions of users waiting to hear about your event on social media.

It’s all about visuals.  

Right now, images and videos are the most valuable social currency. Nobody reads anymore. There simply isn’t enough time. There isn’t enough concentration to do so. It’s much easier to double-tap on a picture than to read long, long paragraphs. So, if you really want to nail social media, your first priority should be to collect as many assets as possible from your event.

Having a large portfolio of images and videos that you can repurpose for your social media marketing strategy is essential. Creating opportunities for attendees to generate images during events is also part of what we call moment marketing.

Pictures and videos will be very important on any type of social network. If you prefer visuals over content, you have a better chance of appearing on your users’ timelines.

Create FOMO 

The goal of your social media marketing campaign is to generate FOMO. So, what exactly is FOMO? When we first started using social media for events, we had no idea what was going on.

Finally, we’ve discovered a way to utilize social media to generate marketing, attendees, and registrations for our event with laser-like precision. How do we do that? We instil fear of missing out on online viewers.

How can you convince those who follow you on social media that their frustration is truly unbearable and then motivate them to act by registering for your event?

One of the most popular strategies is to hire influencers, have them attend your event, provide them with special codes, and have them promote your event; influencers can be involved in a variety of capacities.

They could be regular attendees, and you could reimburse their travel and lodging expenses. They could represent as presenters at your event. In any case, gain their support. The key is for them to become your ambassadors.

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Also, who are these influencers? They could be your speakers and performers. However, your existing attendees could also serve as sponsors. How do you convince them to support your social media marketing strategy? This is the key to the future. This allows many attendees to see and say, “Oh my God, that person I follow is attending this event!” I cannot be absent. I wish to be there. I want to witness my idol live. I want to communicate with them. I want to see them perform live.

Gamify promotions 

Gamifying the promotion of your event is another highly effective social media strategy. Whether it’s a discount or a free ticket, give them a valid, valuable reason to spread the word online about your event.

You can utilize tools like event apps. You can get prospective attendees on board with event apps and have them participate prior to the event. Create content for social networks within the application.

Realistically, the goal here is to create valuable, engaging content on social networks with your event’s hashtag, which creates a community and causes others to wonder, “Why is everyone talking about this hashtag?” Interesting occasion? Probably. Oh, this individual is going there. Suddenly, I feel compelled and compelled to commit to attending.

So gamification is one of the most effective tools to get your attendees alerted about your event.  

 Be present all year round 

In the past, you could have gotten away with showing up three months before your event, flooding the social network with updates, and gaining exposure with attendees you left hanging for a few months.

Well, if you don’t constantly update your social networks, that no longer works. In recent years, social networks have implemented algorithmic changes that will penalize you.

Therefore, there is no alternative. You must be active throughout the year. This has been a best practice ever since we began discussing the use of social media for events, but it is now more important than ever.

Quality not Quantity 

Next, we will shift our focus from quantity to quality. Prior to a few years ago, if you had used social media for event promotion, you would have known the golden rule of social media. More content is preferable. That, however, has changed irrevocably over the past few years. The algorithm updates implemented by social networks have shifted the focus from quantity to quality.

You can now access Twitter streams of the most popular content you missed. You are exposed to the content of others even if you do not follow them. Instagram, for example, is a place where you know content with a lot of likes and interactions will pop up again and again. Furthermore, if you interact with certain individuals more frequently than others, they will be prioritized in your stream. What does it really mean to you? In other words, they spend time watching your video, reading your update, and engaging with it through retweeting, liking, and sharing, or whatever type of action the specific social network prefers for you.

So to sum it up, focus on the best possible update for your specific social network.  

Combine social ads 

Utilizing social media ads intelligently is key to social media mastery for events. How can you maximize the opportunity to display and highlight your content to prospective attendees?

The most effective way to accomplish this is to seed the content with social media advertising. To give it the best possible chance, it need not be for every update, but it could be for the most important ones. Concentrating a small amount of budget, which could range from $10 to $1,000 per update, could give you the upper hand in terms of maximizing the organic opportunity you have with a little advertising.

So this concludes my day. I hope you enjoyed this article on the most advanced social media event promotion strategies.

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