5 Secrets To Use Your Business Twitter Account To Build Brand Loyalty

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Brand loyalty is interpreted as the tendency of customers to select the same brands instead of the competition for a long time. In other words, it’s essentially your customers’ intention to linger as your customer. In this digital era, social media platforms, especially Twitter can be utilized to increase the loyalty of the customers towards your brand. In this article, we will reveal some secrets to using your Twitter business profile to build brand loyalty.

Build and Maintain Your Customers’ Trust

One of the main reasons why customers are loyal to a brand is the excellent services and products that the brand provides. Learn what your customers’ needs are and focus on them here. When you can exceed your client’s expectations, there will be no reason for them to find another brand. This is not as easy as it may seem because trust takes time and special conditions to develop, and both are the things you can’t get easily most of the time.

To earn your audiences’ trust, you should position yourself as a specialist in your business, taking reputation management seriously, and crafting the tone of voice where your brand communicates with your audiences both future and existing clients. Use your Twitter business profile as a medium to earn their trust. Optimize your Twitter business page to let your audiences know that your brand is trustworthy. 

Elevate Your After Sales Programs 

Improving brand loyalty can be achieved by maintaining your customers’ satisfaction with what happens after buying experience.  Excellent quality and reliable customer service can be costly, but they’re the most significant factor that can increase brand loyalty.

Nowadays, a lot of brands utilize social media to handle customer service. Especially on Twitter, brands are using this platform both for marketing purposes and after-sales experience programs. Using Twitter, brands can have direct, and real-time interactions with their customers. 

Utilize Twitter’s features such as Tweets reply and Direct Messages (DM) to connect with your customers. Let your customers reach your brand anytime they need to. Allow them to use Twitter to give their feedback. Encourage them to ask for your assistance whenever they need it. Make sure you have someone or even a team (if needed) to handle your Twitter business account to respond as quickly as possible. 

Avoid overlooking when a customer mentions your product or offers positive comments. Acknowledging them by responding to their Tweets will build trust and, in turn, brand loyalty. Pay attention to what people say and how they say it when talking about your brand online. Build trust and relationships with your customers by being responsive and understanding your customers’ needs.

Engage with Your Customers

Customer loyalty is mainly about reaching out, nurturing, and retaining customers. Engaging with your audiences helps you to create a sense of belonging and maintain your community. Utilize Twitter to publish your brand’s new and exciting developments. Have direct interaction with your customers, to get them enthusiastic and engaged with your brand.

Use Twitter to enlighten the customers about your brand’s new projects, sales, after-sales programs, special offers, and the next steps for your brand. Let them have interaction with your brand, and avoid one-way conversation. Involving your customers in your Tweets, the more it feels like a conversation, the better.

When you have successfully encouraged your audiences to become your brand’s fans and make them feel involved in your company, they’re more likely to have positive impressions of your brand. Customers in every industry want to feel that you care about them outside of your business transactions with them.

Utilize Twitter to Build and Maintain Your Online Presence

Word of mouth is one of the strongest forms of marketing. When someone else (especially a customer) promotes your brand, you will reach an increased level of trust with your customers. Once the customers trust your brand, they will remain loyal to your brand.

One of the ways brands can build loyalty is by having a famous, trustworthy, and influential figure on Twitter to promote a brand’s products or services. In addition, to help increase your Twitter profile engagement with your customers and build your customers’ loyalty, turning to influencers on Twitter is one of the most effective ways.

These days, consumers are increasingly relying on online recommendations and reviews of a product that they want to buy. That’s an addition to the list of reasons why you should turn to the assistance of various Twitter influencers who your customers already feel a sense of connection with.

Share User-Generated Content and Positive Customer Feedback

A happy, satisfied customer will voluntarily give a glowing review. It’s the greatest benefit any brand is hoping for. Once you get it, don’t keep the great feedback to yourself. Share the content on your Twitter business profile and other social media accounts (with the customer’s permission, of course).

After publishing the positive reviews that you get from satisfied customers, you’re very likely to persuade new customers and increase existing customers’ trust in your business. It is because of social proof, the psychological phenomenon of people’s tendency to follow the crowd. In the case of online transactions, that means people put a great value on the opinions of other customers.

Don’t hesitate to ask for positive reviews directly. Give a reply or send a direct message thanking them for their comment and asking them to share their opinion in a review when a customer leaves a positive comment about your business on your Twitter business profile.

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