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Crimtan announces partnership with automotive media giants Haymarket Automotive and Autovia to power unique digital advertising solutions

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Programmatic experts Crimtan have announced a partnership with automotive digital publishers Autovia and Haymarket Automotive to power an innovative digital advertising solution using their pooled first party audience data.

The specialist automotive market leaders will combine their unique data sets to offer clients best-in-class data-driven advertising solutions on the open web and other digitised channels.

Leveraging Crimtan’s dynamic connected media delivery against highly targeted audience signals from the publishers’ data in real-time, advertisers will be able to precisely target active in-market buyers. They will be offered cross-channel opportunities using newly digitised platforms in new advertising formats. These will include geo-location technology delivering relevancy through digital out of home (DOOH), as well as connected televisions (CTV).

This unprecedented and unique collaboration that comes ahead of Google’s upcoming changes to third party cookies, is set to revolutionise automotive advertising.

The collaboration comes as the industry is undergoing a once-in-a-century change towards electrification, with new brands competing for market space against traditional original equipment manufacturers, and customer buying habits and requirements changing each year.

“Our first party publishing data is unique as it understands every user’s journey and we are able to share this insight and service with prospective advertisers,” Chris Daniels, Chief Revenue Officer of Haymarket Automotive, said.

“As a result, our customers can take advantage of a simple and effective way to deliver timely and relevant messaging to their target audience as they take their next steps in the car purchase journey.”

Paul Goad, Chief Executive Officer of Crimtan shares: “This deal puts us – and therefore our clients – on the front foot, ready for when the Google third party changes come into force next year. By working together with Autovia and Haymarket Automotive, we are ensuring that we have a future-proofed first party audience offering ready-for-market”

A recent study by Adobe found that 45% marketers in APAC and 59% in Asia feel unprepared for cookieless era.[1] In Singapore, about two-thirds (66%) of marketers foresee a 10-25% revenue dip due to the impending demise of cookies.[2] 

Joshua Wilson, JAPAC Commercial Director, Crimtan, added: “More so now than ever, we are seeing the deprecation of the cookie light a fire under brands wanting to know they can still hit their target audience. And that’s what we are seeing here with this partnership. There is a strong interest from car brands looking to launch marketing campaigns that can reach car buyers efficiently. With a qualified pool of audiences and Crimtan’s ability to deliver the most relevant messaging across a customer’s lifecycle journey, we are confident that car brands will see an improvement in their marketing investments.”

On what publishers can learn from this partnership, Wilson adds that “for APAC car brands and publishers, this is a model that can help future proof digital advertising efforts. It’s a perfect way to pool data and more effectively reach potential buyers. Especially in the auto industry, we know that purchase windows for car buyers range anywhere from 1 – 4 months with multiple touch points along the way. This robust in-market data and our cookie-less targeting solution when combined can be leveraged to attract potential buyers no matter what stage of the lifecycle they are in.”

The automotive industry was one of the hardest-hit by the pandemic. However, according to Dentsu, the global automotive ad spend is expected to grow by 7.6% this year following a 11.5% increase in 2021.[3] 

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