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BTL Aesthetics Introduces Celebrating Authenticity Campaign

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BTL Aesthtics

The campaign promotes brand authenticity and emphasises the risks of using counterfeit or non-FDA-approved aesthetic treatment machines. BTL Aesthetics believes that counterfeit machines are less reliable, safe, and effective, and wishes to raise awareness among Malaysian beauty consumers.

BTL Aesthetics, one of the world’s foremost manufacturers of medical aesthetics equipment, unveiled its “Celebrating Authenticity” campaign today. The event was attended by some of the most influential industry leaders and experts in health and beauty and medical aesthetics, who participated in BTL Aesthetics’ goal to educate Malaysian health and beauty consumers about the risks of using unlicensed and non-FDA-approved aesthetic treatment machines.

The campaign objective is to educate Malaysians about the difference between clinically-proven medical devices and untested ones. BTL Aesthetics strongly believes that it is essential for Malaysian consumers of health and beauty products to understand that unauthorised or counterfeit medical devices may cause harmful side effects that require time, unnecessary costs, and a great deal of emotional distress to heal.

The event also highlighted three of their original high-intensity focused electromagnetic (HIFEM®) technology machines; the EMSELLA, the EMSCULPT, and the EMSCULPT NEO. These HIFEM® machines are one of the most rapidly growing segments of aesthetic medicine.  As a non-invasive method, it not only helps people achieve their health goals but also calms their nerves about pursuing medical aesthetic procedures.

“Today, the requirement that aesthetic procedures be both FDA and CA-approved is frequently overlooked. Whatever the reason a patient chooses to have these procedures done, they should go to a reputable and skilled aesthetic doctor who is experienced in handling such delicate procedures and has the necessary credentials. Aestheticians who have earned their credentials typically have superior training and experience, which can help reduce the risk of potential health problems,” said Rebecca Arthur, Medical Device Country Manager of BTL Aesthetics. 

The event featured leading Malaysian aestheticians such as Dr Nurul Ain Abdullah, Founder of Alainn Clinic, and Dr Hannah Lo, Attending Physician of Clique Clinic, who spoke about the importance of using authentic aesthetic machines, differences that patients have noticed using BTL treatment machines, and discussions around women’s wellness and aesthetic body treatments.

Rebecca also shared, “We are so excited to unveil the campaign because this is a one-of-a-kind event that represents a historic coming together of professionals from various aesthetic fields to educate consumers about the importance of using authentic HIFEM® machines. In keeping with our mission, we are dedicated to helping our customers in Malaysia achieve their goals safely. In addition, we want to build and expand a community of consumers who can benefit from our shared knowledge of aesthetics and HIFEM® machine operation. 

The HIFEM® machines that were showcased at the event were:


EMSELLA is an acronym that stands for “EM” for electro-magnetic technology and “SELLA” for chairs in Latin. It intends to develop a breakthrough treatment for pelvic health issues such as intimate wellness and incontinence. EMSELLA uses HIFEM® to produce deep pelvic floor muscle contractions.


EMSCULPT is the first to market non-invasive technology that provides an entire core-to-floor treatment surrounding the abdomen, buttocks, arms, and calves. It has five approved non-invasive technology patents by the USPTO for muscle and fat. This technology has been awarded a gold prize in the European Product Design Award for its effectiveness.


EMSCULPT NEO is the first device to use a unique combination of radiofrequency heating and HIFEM® in a single treatment to eliminate fat cells and build muscle. This technology has been used by over 500 patients and has demonstrated consistency in removing fat and building muscle.

More information about BTL Aesthetics can be found here.

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