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A Brand Revolutionizing India’s Clean, Safe, And Ethically Sourced Beauty Products

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Unless you’ve been living under the rock, you must be aware of the trend shift in personal care products. These days, consumers seek clean, conscious, and ethically sourced beauty and skin care products. Most newly launched beauty brands promise the same thing; the use of clean ingredients. Among these promises, BlushBee towers over the rest as a revolutionary brand to enter the Indian market. 

The Inception Of BlushBee

The brand was started in September 2021 by Navaneethan C & Shobana Navaneetham in response to the desperate need for luxurious clean beauty and organic, skin-friendly make-up products. Shobana Navaneetham, the Co-Founder of BlushBee, like many women, is very conscious about the products she applies to her skin. 

Egged on by her desire to use consciously made products, she would procure her make-up and skin care products from Europe or the USA as they were unavailable in the Indian market. On closer inspection of the ingredients of these products, she realised that her favourite brands from abroad used indigenous Indian ingredients. 

This led to the inception of BlushBee, a solution-driven company that provided the beauty-conscious women of India with bold and radically new products for regular and special occasion uses. These products were made in line with her belief in using clean and safe ingredients. 

What’s In A Name?

The terms “Blushing Beauty” and “Queen Bee” often is synonymous with beauty and skin care. As a brand, they wanted a name that resounded with every make-up and skin care cosmetics lover. With that thought, they created a unique name, “BlushBee”, to brand themselves. 

Their chief goal was to curate products that can leave their customers feeling bold, beautiful, and confident, like a queen bee ruling the beehive. No compromises! 

The brand shares, “According to us, our consumers are nothing short of the blushing beauties who work hard like queen bees.”

Why BlushBee?  

The Founders of the brand share, “We promise to provide our consumers with consciously clean and intentionally sustainable products that are bold, beautiful, and radically new to satiate every make-up lover’s needs”.

As a conscious company seeking to push clean products into the market, BlushBee has a wide range of vegan lipsticks available in both bullet and liquid forms. They offer an impressive line-up of vegan nail polish, soy-based nail polish remover, blush for the natural glow, two palettes of eye shadows, and concealer for different skin tones. 

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Furthermore, they also offer daily-use products like the Organic Rose Mist Facial Toner and Organic Micellar Water. All their products are made from safe, plant-based ingredients and are ethically sourced to provide users with nothing but the best. 

The brand’s highest-selling products are their Vegan lipsticks which the Blush and Vegan Nail Polish closely follows the Blush and Vegan Nail Polish closely follow. They offer quality products that are safe and have a non-toxic formula which is an aspiration for all beauty enthusiasts. 

Brand Partners For Product Distribution 

BlushBee has multiple channel partners with its products made available online on e-retail sites like Myntra, Amazon, Flipkart, OneGreen, Kindlife, Amala Earth, Vanity Wagon, Femica, Sublime Life, This or That, Sustainkart, Fynd, Uoloc, The Good Thing Store, and Herbkart.

Additionally, interested customers can also buy the products directly from their website

Of Competition, Challenges, And Overcoming Them

BlushBee considers brands like Just Herbs and Daughter Earth as their most direct competition. They want people to switch from chemical-laden products to clean beauty and hence consider brands that rely heavily on chemical-based formulas as their indirect competition. 

A key challenge in using clean products is the compromise in finished products or the limited options available. The brand is candid about finding safer alternatives to the chemical compounds used in everyday cosmetics. 

The goal was to use plant-derived and ethically sourced ingredients indigenous to India. To make this a reality, they had to invest a significant amount in R&D to create products as there were no proven formulas available in the segment they were looking into. Ultimately, they were able to design products that did not compromise on the look or feel of the end product and had high quality and efficacy. 

BlushBee wants to help people switch to clean beauty and skincare cosmetics without perceiving it as a compromise on the final look or feel. Shares this insight by the brand’s founders, “We want to redefine beauty. We want people to experience and believe clean beauty can be a perfect alternative to chemical products, and it need not be boring.” 

Current Customer Base And The Next Step

BlushBee is an Indian brand online through various E-Retailers and its direct website. They have successfully penetrated markets in Western India, North India, and the North-East of India till now. 

For those who are not convinced about ditching chemical-heavy products and switching to organic products, the brand shares, “BeautyBeauty need not be synonymous with chemicals. Try these organic vegan beauty products to up your glam quotient. You will definitely feel confident, beautiful, and won’t be disappointed in the least.”

The brand optimistically works to become a one-stop shop for all beauty essentials. This includes both regular and party wear cosmetics. They plan to have a wide selection of colour cosmetics and daily essentials available in multiple marketplaces. Currently, they are working towards creating an All-India distribution module. They believe this will help them become one of the top 5 players in the beauty market in India by the year 2024.

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