6 Important Marketing Tips When Relocating Your Business

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Relocating a business is a complex process. From moving the company’s physical resources to managing the safe relocation of data, it brings along countless difficulties. In this procedure, overlooking digital marketing strategies is the biggest mistake ever.

Irrespective of the reason for your move, be sure to update your online information. Otherwise, it can disrupt your online identity in no time. We all know how consumers are becoming more demanding with each passing day. Therefore, one mistake can dramatically increase the bounce rate and affect the overall sales.

For ensuring a smooth relocation without spoiling your digital image, keep your customers fully informed. If you have no experience in it, read the below tips:

1. Use Multiple Channels to Inform Your Customers

Be it international relocation or within the country, keeping the customers informed is mandatory. But, this should not be done after the relocation process. Make sure to declare the news at least a month before. This will help customers to order things beforehand or after the relocation, depending upon the new address.

For instance, if you are relocating from Mississauga to Toronto, clients living in Toronto will wait until you move. Similarly, others living near Mississauga will plan to order beforehand. This can reduce the delivery charges if your business takes location-based delivery charges.  

Furthermore, you should opt for multiple channels when making this announcement. Not every customer will open the email and read the content. Similarly, many clients do not read the text messages but respond to social media messages. Therefore, use all possible channels for this news. But, do not forget to follow the below-mentioned tips:

  • Announce this news along with a new location discount offer. Emails with discount offers are likely to be read by multiple customers.
  • Engage prospects through social media and create excitement about the new location. If possible, share some videos about your new office.
  • Create a group of loyal clientele and make personal calls followed by an email.

Now, even if you are using multiple channels, you can still make a blunder. Inability to declare full information is a common mistake. Therefore, double-check your information before sharing it. Here are some key facts that can never be ignored:

  • Complete address
  • Landline numbers
  • Opening data
  • Days when the business will be closed (these are the additional days besides the public holidays)
  • Timings

2. Upgrade Your Content Marketing Strategy

No matter where your new office is, putting a pause on content marketing can be dangerous. Since content is produced to keep the audience engaged, there should be no break in this engagement.

For this, you can ask your writing team to prepare beforehand. Prepare several write-ups and keep them posting just like you post routinely. However, you need to consider the demographics of your new location. There can be cultural differences. Similarly, the difference in language also makes a huge impact.

For instance, if you are producing content in the English language, decide whether American or British English will suit the audience. Since there are many vocabulary differences, preparing in advance is imperative.

Similarly, some people consider white as a sign of dismay and bad luck, whereas others consider it as a colour of peace and prosperity.

3. Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization, which is the lifeblood of your online presence, is much more than backlinks and keywords. Yes, accurate address, contact details, and upgraded listing are the things that Google wants to rank you high.

So, be it Yelp, Facebook, Better Business Bureau, or any other platform, make sure to have your upgraded information. Similarly, upgrade the contact details on your website.

4. Verify Business Listings

After moving successfully, you need to make sure that your new address is visible to every client. For this, you can take advantage of the verification facility from Google. Google My Business page lets you verify your address. You can simply send a postcard to your new address to see if it’s working or not.

5. Create a New Digital Marketing Plan

Since you are targeting a new group of people from a new location, some changes in the former marketing plan are imperative. Deeply analyze the current marketing trends and make changes appropriately.

Spending a good budget on some paid advertisements like PPC, Facebook dynamic ads, etc., is not a bad idea. However, make sure to stay in touch with former clients as retaining is the best approach for increasing sales.

For instance, some companies offer a point-based system, and clients with a specific number of points get an exclusive discount. This helps in creating long-term relations with the former clients and works as a win-win strategy.

Furthermore, if you are relocating within the state, the former marketing strategy might require just a bit of tweaking. However, if it is a new country, some major changes are essential. For instance, if you are dealing with seasonal products, you need to check the season and plan campaigns as per the weather of the new country.

Similarly, SEO plans should be adjusted accordingly. But remember, SEO results take time to show up, so always start your SEO at least six months before the high season. The same is the case with social media campaigns. However, PPC and other paid advertisements can be started at the start of the season.

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6. Consult with a Digital Marketing Agency

For beating your digital rivals, you should never compromise on your digital identity. Relocating is a long and complex process. Especially if you are moving for the first time, expect a lot of confusion. In this situation, keeping your digital marketing efforts updated looks impossible.

But, tons of digital marketing experts and agencies are present online. This is the best time to get their service. This will help you focus on your moving without any compromise on your digital image. Be it a listing update or a campaign startup; professional agencies can handle everything with ease.

Just do some research and find the ones with the best reviews. Also, see if they have worked for the same niche as yours. If they are providing the best quality, do not hesitate to invest a good amount. Finalize your agreement and let them handle all your marketing stress.

Now You Know the Secrets of a Successful Corporate Relocation

In short, business relocation should always be planned, and no compromise should be made in marketing efforts. Besides upgrading the content marketing strategies and keeping the customers informed, hiring a marketing expert can be helpful. But you should also know the key factors of a new digital strategy, even if you are consulting from a professional. SEO, business listing, and a new marketing plan are some of the prime factors.

So, explore new opportunities with a new move. But, upgrade your digital tactics or seek help from an expert.

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