Carly Irving dolan

My purpose is to empower individuals, drive change, and foster diversity, inclusion and gender equity in the industry. Together, we can modernise and lead towards a sustainable future, creating new jobs and bringing economic vitality to regional communities. Changing the way people live, work, and play by powering the possibilities!" Carly Irving-Dolan is the NRMA CEO, Energy. Responsible for developing, driving and evolving the NRMA’s Energy Strategy. This dynamic strategy, addressing both current and future energy infrastructure needs, will aim to reduce carbon emissions, meet energy industry greening targets, and create a robust pathway for innovation in energy. All the while shaping the next generation of the clean energy industry for a sustainable future.   Carly was formerly the EGM CEOof Yurika, responsible for the operation and strategic management of Energy Queensland’s commercial, unregulated arm. Boasting a diverse portfolio of full turn-key energy, connectivity, and sustainability solutions, Yurika guides organisations through the complexity of the energy transition, keeping things simple and changing the way people live and do business.     With over 30 years’ experience achieving organisational growth and success, Carly’s rich career history and global perspectives, strong customer relationships, leadership and commerciality are all traits of Carly’s unique approach that delivers consistent visionary and accomplished results. Her ethos enables a collaborative working environment that is hands-on, while her open-door policy ensures the ongoing wellbeing and safety of the diverse people she works with.    She has witnessed first-hand how women leaders improve business outcomes and is a fierce advocate for gender balance in the workplace. Carly is focussed on supporting women in roles and leadership positions, in under-represented, traditionally male-dominated industries. Her passion in supporting women in leadership roles has translated to numerous national speaking credits, appointment to the Sherwood Magpies AFL Board, the Springfield Anglican College Council, Rivers Gift and recognition in Telstra’s Businesswomen’s Awards.   Carly views success as a journey of self-development, growth, and reflection. Every day she strives to be better than the day before, empowering herself and encouraging and supporting those around her to also be the best versions of themselves, face challenges head on, and to live an extraordinary life.