The Top 5 Smart Rings of 2023: A New Era of Wearable Tech

Smart rings are the latest wearable tech to get a smart makeover, offering health tracking, contactless payment, and more.

Oura Ring 3

Known for its impressive health suite, the Oura Ring 3 offers a lightweight fit and quick charging. However, it comes with a $5.99/month membership fee.

McLear RingPay

This ring offers contactless payment and promises to unlock NFC-enabled devices. It's set to release in the UK first.

Circular Ring

Marketed as the most advanced wearable tracking device, it monitors blood oxygen, heart rate, and more. Requires charging.

Hecere NFC Ring

Ideal for tech-savvy users, this ring comes with a rewritable chip that you can program to perform various functions.

Compatibility Across Devices

Most smart rings are compatible with both iOS and Android, offering flexibility in how you track and manage your data.