The Fascinating History of Thanksgiving Day: A Journey Through Time

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By: Divya Dubey

Published: Nov24 ,2023

The Origins of Thanksgiving

1863 Abraham Lincoln first proclaimed Thanksgiving to be celebrated on the last Thursday of November.

Sarah Josepha Hale's Influence

Sarah Josepha Hale's pivotal role in making Thanksgiving a national holiday.

A Diary from Plymouth

William Bradford's diary from Plymouth's governor inspired the Thanksgiving tradition.

Presidential Proclamations

Presidents Johnson and Grant each changed the date of Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving and Unity

The Civil War Context how Thanksgiving was used as a tool for unity during the Civil War.

Franklin D. Roosevelt's Decision

President Roosevelt's decision in 1939 led to the modern Thanksgiving date.

A Fixed Celebration

Conclude with how Thanksgiving is now consistently celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November