Navigating 2024's Digital Marketing Trends in Social Media

Photo Credit: Google

Marketing In Asia

By: Divya Dubey

Published: Nov17 ,2023

Facebook's AI and Video Focus

Facebook's increased use of AI tools and the dominance of Reels in user feeds.

The Decline of Link Posts

Highlight the shift from news content to entertainment on Facebook

Generative AI on Facebook

Facebook's integration of generative AI features like AI backgrounds and stickers.

The Fall of Celebrity AI Chatbots

Critique of Meta's celebrity-influenced AI chatbots and their effectiveness.

Avatars and the Metaverse

Discuss Meta's push for avatar integration as a step towards the metaverse.

Advancements in AR Glasses

Meta's AR glasses technology and its potential impact.

Messaging as the New Social Media

The shift towards messaging platforms and new ad opportunities.