Rishabh Pant and Maggi: A 'Masala' Cricket Encounter You Can't Miss

Through this partnership, MAGGI and Rishabh Pant aim to provide a light-hearted approach to the cricketing world and enable fans to relish cricket moments while enjoying Maggi.

Match. MAGGI. Masala

Rishabh Pant and Maggi bring a delicious twist to cricket!

Spicing Up Cricket

Maggi and Rishabh Pant partner for a campaign to add masala to your cricket moments

Cricket Beyond Sport

Nestlé India's Rajat Jain describes cricket as a social occasion, perfect for the shared joy of Maggi

Rishabh Pant Steps Up

Indian cricketer Rishabh Pant unites his twin passions, cricket and Maggi, in an exciting new campaign

Bonding Over Bowls

The campaign aims to unite cricket and Maggi fans over the relish of cricket moments and fun conversations

A Delicious Encounter

The fusion of cricket and Maggi is sure to bowl you over with delight!