10 Cool Gadgets: Our Pick New Tech for 2023

We live in a world of incredible innovation, smart devices and genius tools that can be carried on you at all times. With all of these advances in technology come some really cool gadgets.

DJI Avata

First person view drones have really taken off recently. Allowing you to put on a headset and fly a drone from a first person view, these unique devices are the closest you can feel to flying like a bird.

Apple Watch Ultra

The Apple Watch Ultra takes all of the good bits of previous designs, and piles as much as possible on top.

Garmin Instict Crossover

It tracks everything from running power, to heart rate, effective recovery time, and even how smoothly you descended a mountain bike trail.

Google Pixel 7

Great devices, dealing out solid battery performance, a strong processor, bright and colourful display, and even one of the best cameras

Meta Quest Pro

Meta, previously known as Facebook, has poured money into this to offer the latest and most impressive specs available in the world of VR.

Apple Airpods Gen 2

offer Apple's best active noise cancellation outside of the incredibly pricey AirPods Max, as well as upping the battery life to get you 6 hours on a single charge.

Samsung Galaxy Fold 4

It is water-resistant, has been tested to fold and close up to 200,000 times, and despite the hinge, this features one of Samsung's best displays.

Amazon Kindle Scribe

With the Kindle Scribe, you can scribble notes on the book you are reading, make handwritten notes, and generally get more out of your Kindle.

Nothing Phone 1

The back of the device is transparent, allowing you to see the inner-workings of the device. On top of that, it features a number of LED lights that the company has called 'Glyphs'.

Sony WH-1000XM5

Sony released what would become one of the best pairs of headphones available