How to use linkedin for marketing your business

Your profile is a terrific place to make a good first impression.

Keep refining your LinkedIn profile

Your page should allow potential customers to learn about your brand and employees and engage with relevant material.

Create an effective LinkedIn page

A large number of followers means that your updates will reach an engaged audience. When someone follows you on LinkedIn, they will see your updates in their feed.

Grow your page followers

LinkedIn prioritizes video like all social media platforms. Video postings outperform text-only posts, so include them in your LinkedIn company promotion campaign.

Post LinkedIn-friendly video updates

Updates are social media's hidden heroes. It's how we interact. Thus, producing great updates is one of the most clicked and shared brand promotion tips.

Post engaging updates

Compared to text-only material, images get over six times greater interaction.

Use rich media to increase engagement

Using Sponsored Material, you may promote your content right in the feed of your audience. Gain more followers by increasing the visibility of your updates.

Highlight your best content