How Do I deal with  Workplace Anxiety

Dear MIA,  How can I deal with Anxiety about that keeps me awake and constant thinking  What If, What IF, What ifFF...

Avoid Triangles

Avoid  Triangles

Bonding with someone by talking about a third person is called “triangling,” and it’s an unhealthy way to manage work anxiety.  Eg's -  Gossiping about a third person, criticizing someone behind their back, and using them as a scapegoat.  Keep the issue between you and the person with whom you have conflict.

Use Neutral  Language

Learning to use neutral and calming language in the office can help bring down everyone’s anxiety at work.  Disagreements are more manageable when you begin a statement with, “Here’s what I’m thinking,” and end it with, “What are you thinking?”

Set Honest Deadlines

Anxious people sometimes will agree to deadlines and timelines that they know they cannot meet. it’s better to be honest upfront than to apologize later. Not every deadline is negotiable, but it will save you hours of anxiety

Stay in Contact

Problem with avoidance is that it’s only a very temporary solution. Anxiety symptoms will only get worse over time the more you use distance as a way to manage disagreement, confusion, or other difficult emotions. The more you approach problems and communication head-on, the less anxious it will make you over the long term

Focus on the Facts

Focus on the facts of the situation, and stay in the present. This probably isn’t the best time to pull up past grievances, no matter how relevant they may seem.

Practice the tips often, you will surely feel better. 

Practice the tips often, you will surely feel better.