Tips for writing memorable blog posts

Research your topic

You should do extensive research on your subject and comprehend the issue you're writing about before putting pen to paper. You must delve further if you want to stand out and produce material that addresses issues.

Know your reader and define your goals

Who is your ideal reader? Why do they read your content? What do they hope to achieve from it? What do you want them to do after reading your blog post? Why are you writing this blog post?

Be conversational

“Write as you talk” is an age-old writing tip that still works. A Nielsen research study found that informal and conversational content emotionally engages readers and communicates your message more effectively.

Write and then edit

Making edits as you write is a common rookie blogging error. Your brain is unable to multitask, according to science. Therefore, trying to edit as you write just slows you down.

Cut extra words

you must correct typos and grammatical errors when editing, but this is also the moment to get rid of filler words and repeated sentences. How do you tell if a word is filler? First off, they don't provide your work or its voice any additional meaning or worth. Additionally, they are simple to replace.

Cliches are out

Overused cliches have lost their significance. Additionally, they are difficult to translate across boundaries. They don't contribute anything original, have no function, and detract from the message you're trying to get over. Cliches don't suit well in blog entries because they are conversational in nature.

Make it scannable

The typical person can pay attention for 8.25 seconds. Readers will leave your blog article faster if it is formatted like a wall of text. To assist readers in quickly finding the most important information, make your text scannable.

Bring receipts

People no longer believe viewpoints because of the bogus news that pervades our society nowadays. Provide evidence for your claims in the form of statistics, research, and case studies to make your content trustworthy.

Include visual content

Not pictures or stock photos, though. visual material Create graphics that enhance your writing to keep readers on your page longer. According to research, readers value publications with both text and images far more than those with just text.

Don’t get emotionally attached

Sometimes we become emotionally invested in our work, making it challenging to make changes. But keep in mind that your objective is to create a blog article that benefits your readers and establishes your brand as the authority in your field.

Take a break and then get back to it

Because we are human, we are not perfect. As a result, there will be occasions when you lack the motivation to write or have trouble focusing. Don't stress over it. Even the best of us experience it.