5 Benefits of Using Video on Social Media

Over the past several years, video has remained the best performing type of content to post on social media compared to images, polls, giveaways, links, and coupons.

Video Influences Customer to Buy

A well-executed video can capture your customers’ attention, educate them about your company and products or services, and inspire them to take action—all in only one social media post.

Video Content helps Spread Brand Awareness

It helps your target audience get to know your brand better, not just by highlighting new products or services but by allowing viewers to build personal connections with your brand.

Video Builds Strong Credibility with your Audience

Providing useful and entertaining information that “strikes a chord” with your audience will make your company or brand appear more trustworthy

Video is Cost-Effective

This is especially true when just one day of filming can be used to create several different short videos.

Video Compels your Viewer to Take Action

We’ve all heard that “seeing is believing.” Which is exactly why social media videos are important: They make your audience “believe” in your brand!