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About Impact Circle 

MIA (Marketing In Asia) proudly introduces the 'Impact Circle', a prestigious community uniting accomplished professionals and industry trailblazers from an array of sectors, regions, and countries. Our primary mission is to foster a collaborative atmosphere that inspires learning and growth, while delivering unparalleled opportunities for recognition, visibility, and advancement. As a prominent Business Media company, deeply rooted in marketing & branding the Marketing in Asia Impact Circle presents an unparalleled platform that empowers its members with exceptional branding, networking, and learning opportunities, ultimately propelling them towards remarkable success and recognition in their careers.

Who can be part of Impact Circle?

The Impact Circle is open to high-achieving professionals and industry leaders from diverse sectors, regions, and countries who demonstrate a strong commitment to excellence, innovation, and ethics. If you are a top executive like CEO, CXO, Entrepreneurs, Influencers & Marketing professionals, Women leaders and promising young professional, you qualify for this elite circle.

Why should join this elite circle?

You should join the Impact Circle to elevate your professional journey and tap into a wealth of opportunities. By becoming a member, you'll gain access to an exclusive network of accomplished professionals, fostering valuable connections and collaboration across various sectors and regions. Benefit from knowledge sharing, learning experiences, and mentorship opportunities, while also enjoying unique recognition, exposure, and personal branding through our media platforms.

How you can be a part of the circle?

To join the Impact Circle, simply click the 'Apply Now' button and provide the required information to help us better understand your professional profile. Upon approval, we will notify you and welcome you into a world of abundant opportunities tailored to propel your success. Don't hesitate – Apply Now and embark on an exceptional journey with the Impact Circle community.

Impact Circle Communities

Elite Circle

This is the most exclusive and prestigious membership level, reserved for top executives, CEOs, and business leaders who have a proven track record of success and influence in their industries. Members of the Elite Circle are typically decision-makers, visionaries, and influencers who shape the direction and culture of their organizations and industries. They are often sought after for their expertise, network, and leadership, and are expected to play a leading role in the MIA Impact Circle community.

Executive Circle

This membership level is for senior managers, directors, and department heads who are responsible for driving results and leading teams in their organizations. Members of the Executive Circle are expected to have a deep understanding of their industries and markets, and to bring valuable insights and perspectives to the MIA Impact Circle community. They are often key stakeholders in business decisions and have a significant impact on the success of their organizations.

Innovator Circle

This membership level is for entrepreneurs, startup founders, and innovators who are disrupting their industries and creating new value for customers and society. Members of the Innovator Circle are often risk-takers, visionaries, and problem-solvers who are passionate about creating new solutions and pushing the boundaries of what is possible. They bring a spirit of innovation and experimentation to the MIA Impact Circle community, and are often admired and respected for their creativity and courage.

Influence Alliance Circle

Influence Alliance Circle is an exclusive membership level within the MIA Impact Circle community, specifically tailored for marketing and advertising agencies, as well as influential social media personalities and content creators. This circle aims to foster collaboration and synergy between agencies and influencers, creating a dynamic ecosystem that drives impactful brand campaigns and amplifies brand messaging to reach wider audiences.

Rising Star Circle

This membership level is for high-potential professionals who are early in their careers and have demonstrated outstanding potential and achievement. Members of the Rising Star Circle are often talented, ambitious, and driven individuals who are eager to learn, grow, and make a positive impact on their organizations and society. They bring fresh perspectives and energy to the MIA Impact Circle community, and are often mentored and supported by more senior members.

Women In Business Circle

This membership level is for female leaders and professionals across all levels who are committed to advancing gender equality and diversity in the workplace and beyond. Members of the Women in Business Circle are often trailblazers, role models, and advocates who are passionate about empowering women and creating more inclusive and supportive environments. They bring a unique perspective and set of experiences to the MIA Impact Circle community, and are often involved in mentoring and supporting other women in their careers.

Investor Circle

The Investor Circle is an exclusive membership level within the MIA Impact Circle community, specifically designed for investors, venture capitalists, and angel investors who are actively involved in funding and supporting innovative startups and entrepreneurial ventures. As a member of the Investor Circle, you will have access to a curated network of fellow investors, as well as opportunities to discover and invest in promising startups across various industries.

Next Gen Circle

This membership level is for young professionals under the age of 30 who have demonstrated outstanding potential and achievement. Members of the Next Gen Circle are often digital natives, multi-taskers, and collaborators who are eager to make a difference and contribute to the future of their industries and society. They bring a fresh perspective and set of skills to the MIA Impact Circle community, and are often mentored and supported by more senior members.

Community Activities for Members

Members-only networking events

Networking events, meet-ups, online groups;  centered around marketing, branding, and sales, where members can connect with like-minded professionals, discuss industry trends, and explore collaboration opportunities.

Showcase member achievements

Highlighting member's success stories, case studies, and accomplishments through Marketing in Asia's media channels including digital news, Youtube, Social Media and events.

MIA Impact Awards & Recognitions

Recognise outstanding achievements and honour innovative and impactful business leaders, celebrating their contributions in each circle. Help recognised members to brand themselves better.

Personal branding support

Provide members with consultations and personalised support to enhance their professional image and online presence, leveraging the expertise of Marketing in Asia's in-house branding specialists.

Expert-led mentorship program

Pair members and teams with experienced mentors and MIA Experts, who specialise in marketing, branding, or sales, offering personalised guidance and support to help them excel in their careers.

Workshops and masterclasses

Organise members-only workshops and masterclasses led by industry experts, focusing on personal branding, digital marketing strategies, content creation techniques, inside sales, business development best practices.

Tailored content & Market Research

Members exclusive content, webinars, and resources specifically centered around marketing, branding, and sales, providing them with the latest insights and trends in these areas.

Introductions, collaborations & Matchmaking

Actively connect members with potential clients, talent, partners, and investors, fostering business growth and new opportunities, exclusively for prime members.

Marketing & Business growth advisory

 Access to expert insights and guidance on the latest strategies and trends in their respective fields. Access to MIA solutions and tools of marketing and business growth. 

Our Charter

The MIA Impact Circle is an exclusive, invitation-only community of elite CXOs from around the globe, established by the MIA (Marketing in Asia) business media company. The primary purpose of the MIA Impact Circle is to bring together distinguished business leaders who are committed to creating a positive impact on their organizations, industries, and the global business landscape. This charter outlines the guiding principles, objectives, and member expectations for this prestigious community.

• Commitment to Excellence: Members of the MIA Impact Circle strive for excellence in their respective fields, constantly seeking to innovate, improve, and drive sustainable growth.
• Collaboration & Networking: The community fosters a culture of collaboration and networking among its members, encouraging knowledge sharing and cross-industry partnerships.
• Continuous Learning & Development: Members are committed to lifelong learning, personal growth, and professional development, leveraging the resources and opportunities provided by the MIA Impact Circle.
• Ethical Leadership: The community promotes ethical leadership and good corporate governance, emphasizing the importance of integrity, transparency, and accountability in business practices.
• Social Responsibility & Sustainability: Members recognize the importance of social responsibility and sustainability, working towards creating a positive impact on society and the environment.

To provide a platform for global networking, enabling members to connect with like-minded professionals and expand their professional network.
• To facilitate peer-to-peer learning and mentorship, fostering an environment of knowledge sharing and mutual support.
• To offer access to exclusive events, webinars, and cutting-edge content, empowering members to stay informed about the latest trends and developments in the business world.
• To recognize and celebrate the achievements of exceptional CXOs through the prestigious Impact Circle Awards.
• To promote thought leadership and contribute to shaping the future of business by addressing pressing challenges and exploring new opportunities.
Member Expectations:
• Active Participation: Members are expected to actively engage in the MIA Impact Circle's activities and events, contributing their insights, expertise, and experiences to the community.
• Professional Conduct: Members must uphold the highest standards of professional conduct, treating fellow members with respect, courtesy, and professionalism.
• Confidentiality & Trust: Members should maintain confidentiality and trust within the community, respecting the privacy and intellectual property rights of their fellow members.
• Continuous Improvement: Members are encouraged to pursue continuous improvement and personal growth, leveraging the opportunities provided by the MIA Impact Circle.
• Ambassadorship: Members are expected to act as ambassadors for the MIA Impact Circle, promoting the community's values and objectives within their professional networks and beyond.
In conclusion, the MIA Impact Circle is dedicated to fostering a global community of elite business leaders who are committed to creating a positive impact on the business world. By adhering to this charter, members contribute to a vibrant and supportive environment where they can learn, grow, and thrive together.

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