Unveiling the Fight Against Pneumonia on World Pneumonia Day

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By: Divya Dubey

Published: Nov13 ,2023

The History of World Pneumonia Day

First observation in 2009 and the formation of the Global Coalition Against Child Pneumonia.

'Stop Pneumonia' Campaign

Stop Pneumonia' campaign's focus on low and middle-income countries.

United Against Pneumonia

Every Breath Counts Coalition was formed in 2017, bringing together a diverse group of partners.

GAPPD: A Strategy to Save Lives

Global Action Plan for Pneumonia and Diarrhoea.

Why World Pneumonia Day Matters

Statistics  and facts about pneumonia's impact.

2023 Theme and Objectives

Statistics and facts about pneumonia's impact.

Preventing Pneumonia

Tips on vaccination, hygiene, and healthy living to prevent pneumonia.