Tried and Tested Ways to Find YouTube Influencers

Search on influencer marketplaces and platforms

You can find the perfect YouTube influencers to collaborate with by using influencer marketing platforms.

Do a  YouTube search

Entering terms into YouTube's search bar might also help you find relevant influencers.

Do a Google search

How can you narrow your search in the vastness of the internet? Simply enter your niche and a YouTuber into Google to find them.

Use the YouFilter app

You may use it by beginning a YouTube search and then selecting this Chrome extension to view all the information on each influencer.

Use the YouTube trending tab

The most watched videos will be displayed after you click the trending button. Expand your search by using the search bar to be more specific.

Look for previously sponsored content

You'll probably come across a lot of paid advertisements where influencers are promoting a service or good for companies.

Meet influencers at webinars and events

there are numerous live webinars and events where influencers may be found, many organisations search for influencers online.