Maggi Ketchup: A Delicious Turn towards Health

Join us on a journey towards healthier choices without compromising taste.

In the wake of the pandemic, health consciousness has surged. Consumers are scrutinizing their favorite brands more than ever

The Health Consciousness Wave

A Blogger's Revelation

Food blogger Revant Himatsingka brought to light some not-so-healthy facts about popular brands, sparking a wave of brand activism

The Ketchup Controversy

Himatsingka highlighted the high sugar content in popular ketchup brands, including Maggi and Kissan, stirring up a social media storm

Maggi's Response: A New Recipe for Health

Maggi Ketchup introduced a new recipe with 22% less sugar, maintaining the same great taste

Not a Reaction, but a Proactive Move

Maggi clarified that the decision was not a reaction to the blogger's video but a proactive initiative in the making.

The Impact of Brand Activism

It influences how companies respond to public concerns. Maggi's proactive approach shows a commitment to its consumers

Transparency: A Key Ingredient

Maggi's openness about their product content showcases the power of brand transparency in building customer trust