Email Marketing Trends 2023 & Beyond

Highly Customized Email Content

Personalization of emails is intricate and extends far beyond simply addressing recipients by name. Simply put, it consists of all the information a subscriber gives you, such as their name, gender, age, place of residence, preferences. Making your subscribers feel special and valuing them will encourage them to open your emails more frequently.

Artificial intelligence

By 2023, personalized emails will be commonplace, but how can this be done most effectively? Through collecting and processing information about the audience and optimizing the email production process, artificial intelligence enables further customization of your messages, making them more relevant.

Automated email marketing

Email marketing automation ensures that customers and brands communicate consistently and effectively. Additionally, it makes the client feel like they have control over their inbox.


Accessibility refers to designing web content so that people with disabilities can access, perceive, and interact with that content. Accessible content is more understandable, readable, and all-around more useful. Consider good accessibility as good usability, and you can also consider it highly beneficial for business.


Gamification is a term that describes integrating game elements and characteristics into non-game contexts, such as email. Three guiding principles—engagement, reward, and competition—form the foundation of gamification. These three elements encourage people to interact with our content and even spread the word about it

Modular structure

The modular system is not new, it is currently gaining popularity. It is also known as “modular email architecture” by others. A template is a collection of modules assembled to form an email campaign. The template varies depending on the client, customer segment, marketing campaign goal, and other elements.

Content created by users

User-generated content (UGC) influences 79% of consumers’ purchasing decisions because users tend to trust their fellow users. Any content (such as text, images, or videos) produced by customers serves as social proof because it appears more accurate and reliable than conventional brand promotional emails.

Email redesign

“81% of people check their emails using a mobile device,” according to an email redesign from Campaign Monitor as a source. Moderate animation will be a popular email marketing trend in 2023. Use dynamic gifs wisely. Neon and in the dark.