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What employees say about the best WORKPLACE in the world

The ratings are based on anonymous feedback from current employees who come from different geographical locations worldwide. Aspects of workplace culture measured, include: 1. Compensation 2. Leadership 3. Quality of life 4. Professional development opportunities. Data source: Comparably Companies with best workplace cultures and their employee opinion.

"Satya Nadella is really inspiring. He has a good vision and the global strategy is excellent. In these complicated times, it is reassuring to be in such a strong company with a strong leadership team."

1. Microsoft

Headquarters: Redmond, Washington

"With a global and diverse focus, we bring many different perspectives to solve daily issues."

2. Ibm

Headquarters: Armonk, New York

"The innovation, diversity, involvement in global projects, and work ethics are what I prize the most."

3. google

Headquarters: Mountain View, California

"Great vision and culture. Global teams have considered how we want to grow and how we'll get there - this is inspiring and exciting."

4. hubspot

Headquarters: Cambridge, Massachusetts

"Aside from celebrating Pride, generations, racial diversity and the wide variety of ethnicities we have in our global company, we welcome people with different ways of thinking and working"

5. Elsevier

Headquarters: New York

"Chegg is collaborative, mission-driven, talented, smart, and diverse in backgrounds/experience."

6. chegg

Headquarters: Santa Clara, California

"It is diverse, inclusive, equal and joyful."

7. concentrix

Headquarters: Fremont, California

"Having a global work force really helps drive the culture of the company. Also, our leadership always leads with culture and what is happening each month and they never lead with results which I find refreshing"

8. ringcentral

Headquarters: Belmont, California

"Experian EmployeeIt's so exciting when we collaborate globally on strategic projects and see the positive impact."

9. Experian

Headquarters: Costa Mesa, California

"A caring and inclusive company that values its employees."


Headquarters: New York

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