Celebrating Grandparents’ Day in India

Initiated by Marian McQuade in the US, the day aims to strengthen bonds between generations.

The Roots of Grandparents’ Day

Grandparents are our guides, storytellers, and pillars of wisdom.

The Significance

Different countries celebrate on different dates. From America to Australia, the love is universal.

A Global Celebration

Inspired during the White House Conference on Aging, Reingold celebrated the day at his retirement home.

The First Celebration

Plan a karaoke session with retro songs that your grandparents love.

Karaoke Time!

Watch a favorite movie or show of your grandparent's choice.

Movie Night

Visit a sanctuary, park, or religious place. Cherish the moments in nature.

A Walk Down Memory Lane

Teach them something new, from taking selfies to using voice assistants.

Tech Time with Grandparents