Busting Common AI Myths: Fact vs. Fiction

Myth 1: AI = Human-like Robots

AI is software, while robots are tangible devices. They serve different purposes.

Myth 2: AI, ML, and DL are the Same

They are parts of the larger AI system but distinct in function.

Myth 3: AI Learns Alone

AI requires human input and can't conceptualize abstracts.

Myth 4: AI > Humans

AI handles repetitive tasks. It can't replace human creativity or critical thinking.

Myth 5: Power Concerns

AI's power needs are a concern, but solutions are emerging.

Myth 6: Computing Concerns

Centralized computing power is a challenge, but platforms like Tatau offer hope.

Myth 7: Data Needs

AI doesn't always need vast data. Pre-trained neural networks can be flexible.

Myth 8: BI Tools

AI won't make current BI tools obsolete. Integration is key.

Myth 9 Neural Networks

AI's complexity is far from human brains.

Myth 10: AI Rebellion

AI isn't plotting against us!