7 Low-Cost Marketing Strategies For Startups

Strategy 1:  Utilise social media

Social media is a great way for startups to build awareness about their brand and products, but it can be challenging for them to stand out from the crowd.

Strategy 2:  Create an email list

Email lists are a valuable tool for marketers because they provide an opportunity for companies to communicate with customers directly via email.

Strategy 3:  Sell your product at a discounted price

A low-cost marketing strategy that is often used by startups is to offer their products at a discounted price in order to encourage customers to try out the product and generate buzz.

Strategy 4:  Promote your product on social media

Social media is a great platform to promote your products because it is an easy way for people to connect with and share content.

Strategy 5:  Give bonuses

For startups, marketing is not just about spending money. In fact, it’s better to spend less because that will allow the company to survive longer. One of the best ways for startups to save on marketing expenses is by giving bonuses.

Strategy 6:  Ask for feedback

By finding out what people want from your product, you can advertise it in a way that is more meaningful to your audience.

Strategy 7:  Get reviews

Reviews are the backbone of any business. Reviews are the best way to get feedback and improve your product or service.