7 Instagram Marketing Strategies for Small Businesses

Start with a goal

A well-defined objective for your Instagram marketing efforts is essential for realising the platform's full potential.

Set up the basics of your profile

An Instagram account for a business needs at least a profile photo, a name, and a category. A phone number, email, and physical address should all be clearly displayed on your page.

Optimize your bio

Include your company's Web link or slogan or a couple of sentences that explain what kind of content people can expect to see if they follow you.

Host a giveaway

One study found that doing giveaways on Instagram helped accounts develop 70% faster over the course of three months.

Geotag your posts

Geotag your Instagram posts if your small business has a physical location. Geotags help customers locate your small business.

Tap into user-generated content

UGC is content that Instagram users have made and shared. Usually, it's a picture or video of someone using your product or coming to your business.

Take advantage of hashtags.

Instagram marketing for small businesses requires hashtags. Hashtags let you join brand-related conversations. They also classify Instagram content. You may appear in hashtag searches.