10 Products That failed because of poor marketing

Despite aggressively launching and extensively marketing the product, it failed to catch on with customers. General consumers were puzzled as to why they needed to purchase it? They probably could walk, bike, buy a two-wheeler or even a car.


The Zune can be said to have failed due to poor marketing. It was introduced as a competitor to the iPod five years after it was already an established product. Furthermore, it had no defining features that made it any different from the iPod, leading to its failure.

Microsoft Zune

Consumers weren't enthused about the design. They also worried about what others were recording when using the camera. The price was not appreciated either. Although it was certainly innovative, the product was also let down by a lack of marketing.

Google Glass

The product couldn't survive for long because consumers found it to be mediocre in terms of price & quality. You could only buy it from AT&T, which limited the number of people who could make that purchase.

Amazon Fire Phone

The intent of this platform was to provide a competing service (to Twitter, Facebook) but it never gained traction. It eventually fizzled out.

Google Plus

Not everybody was in love with the idea of having cheetos-flavored lip balms. The product was pulled from the shelves soon after it came out.

Cheetos Lip Balm

The masses were kind of disappointed when Coca-Cola launched the clear Coke. It was caffeine free, but it still had a brown color so its branding was also pretty hard to see. This means that the drink didn't do very well and stocks eventually diminished.

Crystal Pepsi

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Volkswagen is always in-demand for producing affordable cars that everyone can afford. This means when they release a luxury car called Phaeton, the target demographic doesn't always understand it. They couldn't imagine buying a Volkswagen when other brands had affordable options. It's in the list of 10 marketing fails because they didn't understand their demographic or create enough campaigns.

Volkswagen Phaeton

The phone only lasted a year and there were content complaints from customers mentioning overheating and exploding chargers. So because safety is a big concern, they had to recall more than 2.5 million devices and ultimately.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7

HP was released new devices in a hurry, which resulted in consumers experiencing problems like a slow operating system or bugs. This caused the sales to crash and stores with excess inventory had to drop the price. The company lost millions of dollars.

HP Touchpad

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