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    Save more than 20% on fuel costEasy to install system on any vehicle with very high ROI.About company95% less emissions and pollutionOur patented technology eliminates harmful gases and particles from emissionView offerReduce Vehicle maintenanceImproves engine life View brokerage pricesImprove engine power by more than 20%Get higher power with less fuelView offerHighest SafetyOur systems do not store Hydrogen. The gas is generated by water while vehicle is in operation.Click Here

    Years of Research

    Patent technologies with thousands of successful installations

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    High Return on Investment

    3 to 12 months in direct fuel savings

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    Easy to Install and Run

    Get your vehicle saving in few hours

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    KiTech Hydrogen Systems

    The future of pollution free vehicles

    Easy to get rapid ROI

    Savings start instantly with very high ROI. Proven savings of more than 20% on diesel/ petrol.

    Easy to Install

    Takes few hours to install on any vehicle. Engineering advised for best installations.

    Easy to maintain

    With few moving parts and distilled water as the only input, KiTech systems are very easy to maintain.

    Our Products

    Designed for vehicles and engines of all sizes and tonnage

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    Latest company’s news & announcements

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